What's a Personal CRM?

Our team labels FollowUp as the world’s first personal CRM. So what exactly does that mean?

A personal CRM is a relationship management tool for the everyday business professional. It helps you manage workflow, stay on top of important relationships, and ensure nothing in your day slips through the cracks. We’re designing it to be incredibly intuitive and live in the place we all spend so much of our time – email.

The product is a unique twist on the CRM because of its clear focus on the individual. It battles the challenges of a hectic workday and the inefficiencies of today’s CRMs. Now, that isn’t to say CRMs like Salesforce, Prosperworks, and Hubspot aren’t solid tools that can help your business. They are. They just don’t satisfy the needs of the single user.

The thing is that CRMs undeniably revolve around sales. They focus on teams, leads, and the dollar amount tied to contacts, which isn’t how most people think. People like Recruiters, VCs, Corp Dev, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Marketers to name a few. These people have similar relationship management needs, but don’t benefit from the heavy features of today’s CRMs. The logging of phone calls, preset pipelines, and endless data entry. That just isn’t useful to most business professionals.

Our mission is to provide a host of core features that cater to this group in order to help them better manage their professional lives. We are extremely excited to be building this project, and invite you to embark on this journey with us by following our development process on this blog.

Check in soon to see our most up to date product and see how we think about relationship management!