Two New Features

Our team recently finished building the Twist Beta. Everything was ready to go, but…

We decided to add two new features that will make our beta an immediate step up from your current workflow and become an essential part of how you manage relationships:

Contextual Sidebar

The contextual sidebar shows you relevant information about a person as you communicate with them. When you click on an email the contact's profile will appear in our sidebar, displaying contact details, what's coming up with them, and our features tab so you can take further action.

Global Upcoming View

The global upcoming view is your daily dashboard, organizing all of the reminders and events you've set. It's the one place in your email you can go to see what's coming up later today, this week, or month.

More features mean a bit more time, so we're pushing back our beta launch to make sure you have a fantastic first experience with Twist. Stay tuned!