Sidebar Sneak Peek

We’ve made a ton of progress on Twist and are getting closer and closer to our beta launch!

Let me give you a sneak peak at some of our core features. Here’s the first look at the Twist sidebar.

  • Notes

Notes are as simple as they look – they key is that you can create them *from anywhere in the app *and assign multiple to a contact, company or project.

  • Reminders

In addition to presets like “2 days” and “Tomorrow“, our reminders can be set for any time or date, down to the minute. When a reminder triggers you are notified by an email.

  • Events

Jumping back and forth between your email and calendar is a waste of time. We save you the hassle of bouncing around by streamlining your event scheduling from email.

Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to try Twist yourself!