Introducing Email Reminders

Today, the FollowUp team is excited to announce the launch of email reminders! These new reminders can be attached to emails to ensure your conversations don't slip through the cracks.

To put it in perspective, our team sets contact reminders to make sure we stay in touch with the right people, but we use email reminders to stay on top of our specific conversations with those people.

Some of the most common use cases for us include following up on unfinished conversations, reminding ourselves to respond to an email, and even making sure we cancel our Netflix trial before we get charged 😬.

This walkthrough will give go over the ins and outs of email reminders, but shoot us an email at if you have any questions.

There are two ways to create email reminders:

  1. Clicking the purple reminder bell in the compose window.
  2. Manually adding the reminder in the BCC field.

Using the Compose Window Reminder Bell

For these you can start by clicking the purple bell icon to the right of the Gmail Send button.

This will open up a scrollable list of reminder times including our preset times, specific weekdays, recurring reminders, and a manual date picker.


Selecting any of these options will add a corresponding reminder time to your BCC field. For example, choosing "In 2 Days" will add It's important to note that because these reminders populate in the BCC field, they won't be visible to your recipient!

If you choose to manually select a time using the date picker, you can select the time the reminder will trigger down to the minute, as shown in the picture below:

​ If you go with a preset time such as "Tomorrow", "In 2 Days", or "Next week", the reminder will trigger at the time they're set. For example, if it's 2:30 PM on Monday and you set a reminder for "Tomorrow", it will trigger at 2:30 PM on Tuesday.

If you select one of the Weekday reminders (located below the preset times), it will trigger at 9:00 AM for the specified day.

​Any scheduled email reminders will display in the Upcoming View just like your contact reminders. When you click on a scheduled email reminder it will bring you to that email thread.

Note - These reminders will not show on the profiles of people included in the email thread.

Typing Reminder Times in the BCC Field

For even more flexibility in selecting reminder times, you can manually type the exact time you'd like into the BCC field. This is a great way to quickly create reminders while adding recipients to your email, or setting reminders for yourself, which can be done by sending the reminder without a recipient on the email.

There's specific FollowUp reminder nomenclature that will enable you to create a reminder for any desired time. Here's a downloadable cheat sheet of that nomenclature, also pictured below:​

Completing Email Reminders

To check a scheduled email reminder off as completed, hover over the reminder in the Upcoming section and select the checkmark.
​ ​ This will prompt a "Reminder Completed" notification at the bottom of the FollowUp sidebar.

Note - This reminder cancelation process also applies to contact reminders.

Setting Reminders for Yourself

Both compose window reminder and manual BCC reminders can be used as stand alone reminders for yourself. To do this, simply set a reminder in your preferred form without adding another recipient. These reminders will still show in the upcoming section just like any other reminder.

I got an email saying my reminder couldn't be scheduled. What do I do?

There are 3 likely reasons your reminder wasn't scheduled.

  1. Typo: please check your reminder for typos and try setting it again
  2. Time not supported: we may not support the specific reminder time you wanted
  3. Reminder limit hit: You hit your limit for email reminders and need to upgrade to a paid plan or wait for your monthly limits to reset