Upload LinkedIn Contacts to FollowUp

Follow these steps to export you LinkedIn contacts and upload them to FollowUp:

1.) Sign into LinkedIn.

2.) Click on your profile and select Settings & Privacy

3.) Scroll to the bottom of the Basics section and stop at Getting an archive of your data

4.) Pick the Fast file only option then click Request Archive. You'll need to re-enter your LinkedIn password.

5.) Wait a minute, then refresh the page. If the button reads Request Pending, wait another couple minutes then try again.

6.) Once the button reads Download, click it to retrieve a Zip file of your contacts.

7.) Now go to the FollowUp web app and click the LinkedIn icon in the left navigation.

8.) Drag the Zip file into the outlined box.

9.) You'll be brought to your contacts tab. Refresh the page and you'll see your newly imported LinkedIn contacts.

For additional help on exporting contacts from LinkedIn, you can check out their blog here or shoot us a message at hello@followup.cc.