Feature Release: The Need for Speed

This release is packed with under the hood performance enhancements that make FollowUp faster than ever before. We've even improved offline capabilities for those times you're working at your favorite coffee shop with really bad wifi.

We added more than just speed though.

The release includes:
  • Add all of the new contacts in a thread to FollowUp with one click
  • Ignore specific email addresses that you don't want as contacts
  • Expanded search that includes Name, Emails, Company, Title, and Telephone. Its also corrects some typos when searching
  • New onboarding guidance and improved automated messages for new users
  • Clicking the search icon in the main view focuses input so you can start typing immediately
  • FollowUp suggests old contacts you might have missed or people you've had meetings with that haven't been added yet
What's coming up:
  • LinkedIn contact import
  • Bulk Delete Users
  • Schedule a meeting with everyone in a thread
  • Custom meeting start/end times

Have some other features you'd like to see? Drop us a note!

CTO | FollowUp